Icelandic Birch

Acrylic and black ink on paper.

© Kristen Ringman 2016

11″ x 8.5″

{Not for sale, but would consider making prints or notecards with this image.}

This is the first painting I did after years of not much in the way of visual art.

I painted this while sitting with the birch tree on a trail behind the Gullkistan Residency for Creative People in Iceland in June of 2016. This is a portrait of a tree I still miss, a tree I loved deeply enough to turn into a character in my short story “Love in Tangled Branches” from my book I Stole You: stories from the fae.

I went to Gullkistan to work on my novel-in-progress Twenty-Seven Nadines, but I came away with the first of many new paintings and the seeds for my short story collection. (Sometimes, the magic of making art is like that.)


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